a portrait of sisterhood.


For a long time there has been a dream living in my heart. This post is just the beginning of seeing that dream come true and I could not be more excited to share it with you.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece called, Five Reasons To Fight For Sisterhood. I shared my story of resisting true friendships with women and my journey toward realizing how desperately women need each other.

With everything in me I believe that women were created for community. I know we were designed to do life side by side.

But so many of us put up walls. We feel the need to protect ourselves from other women. Experience has taught us that other women are the enemy. We compete, compare and judge.

Comparison is the poison that devastates community.

And to be honest, I’m over it.

We can do better.

And it starts right now.

The battle cry behind the “A Portrait Of Sisterhood” series is simple.

In a world where we are bombarded by stories of broken relationships and remnants of sisterhood, we need to hear some love stories. This series will feature interviews and photographs and videos of real women telling their friendship love story.

These stories do not paint an idealistic portrait of sisterhood. They will showcase the real, the raw, the struggle, the brokenness, the healing, the restoration, the redemption and the power of sisterhood.

I believe that as more and more women read these love stories, a movement of women realizing that sisterhood is worth fighting for will be born.

I believe we can save sisterhood and my hope is that these stories will be a catalyst for that change.

Tomorrow I will share the first portrait. The love story of two true beauties that I have the honor of doing life with. Rachel and Rhonda have fought for each other and walked together through some of the darkest storms of their lives. They have advocated in hospital rooms for each other, given away the shoes on their feet and raised some of the most amazing kids I’ve ever known. And they’ve done all of this with joy and determination and side by side.


I’ve shared a quick sneak peek of their story in the video below. Watch it, fall in love with them because they’re wonderful, and come back tomorrow to hear their whole story!

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