Today I Was A Pirate

Today we made a robot costume out of boxes and tin foil and for a little while Ezra was EzBot2009.

Today, while sitting on the couch, I was attacked by the littlest red Power Ranger, and had to defend myself from his skilled combat moves.

Today we went to the park and the playground quickly morphed into a pirate ship and I was surrounded by “Ezra Matey” and “Daddy Matey”. People for blocks could hear, “Come on my ship Mommy Matey!!!”

Today we took Ezra’s garage sale treasure, a Lighting McQueen power wheels, out to our apartment complex’s tennis court and it immediately became The Piston Cup racetrack and Ezra was a race car driver.

Tonight I put my Ezra in bed and while he is fast asleep who knows how many more amazing things he will become and how many daring adventures he will go on.

I am daily astounded by his imagination, his creativity, his love for life, his desire for adventure, his willingness to try new things, his fearlessness, his excitement about a simple puppet show, or a box covered in tin foil, or a blanket fort, or an interesting leaf on the ground. Being a parent is about raising children, but I honestly believe that they teach us just as much.

My hope and prayer as I raise my boys is that I will help them grow and mature into men who love the Lord, who love people, and men who follow the calling placed on their life. But I also hope and pray that instead of focusing so much on them growing up “right” and always behaving in public, that I will choose to let them be kids. That I will choose to let them get dirty, be loud, act silly, laugh hard, create and imagine, dream, go on wild adventures, and that I will be right there next to them, covered in dirt, laughing hysterically, making a scene, not caring who sees me.

I take life way too seriously sometimes. Being an adult seems to do that to a lot of us.

If you find yourself stuck in that same place, grab a 2 or 3 year old {with their parents permission if they’re not your kid 🙂 } and spend a day doing whatever THEY can dream up. I promise you life will look a whole lot shinier at the end of the day.

Thank you Jesus for Ezra.


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